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According to and common spiritual beliefs, beetles symbolize transformation, resilience, and adaptability. These symbolic meanings are attributed to their ability to undergo metamorphosis, survive in various environments, and passing through different stages of life. Beetles are often seen as reminders to accept changes, seek personal growth, and demonstrate inner strength.

5 Spiritual Meanings Behind the Beetle

One day, Emma and I were hiking in the woods. We saw a really cool, bright red beetle sitting on a leaf! Emma thought it was special.

Emma had been going through some hard times lately. Seeing the little beetle made her feel better. She said the beetle must be really strong and brave to keep going, even when things are tough.

Emma wanted to be like the beetle – she wanted to keep trying and never give up, no matter what challenges she faced. As we kept hiking, we both thought about the red beetle. It reminded us that we can get through any problems that come our way if we just keep pushing forward with hope and determination like that beetle.

The beetle became like a little symbol to us. Whenever we felt scared or wanted to quit, we would think of that strong, resilient beetle and be brave like it. We knew we could make it through anything difficult, just by not giving up.

Here are five most common spiritual meanings associated with beetles:

  1. Transformation: So, as we know, beetles go through a really cool transformation as they grow from tiny eggs into larvae and then into adult beetles. That fact represents how people can change and grow a lot over their lifetime into a new, improved version of themselves.
  2. Resilience: Some species of beetles are very tough and resilient, and no matter where they live or what challenges they face, they keep pushing forward. This can inspire us to be strong like beetles, overcome obstacles, and never give up when life gets difficult.
  3. Renewal: Just like bugs, beetles shed their hard outer shell as they grow bigger, which can represent how we can let go of old habits or beliefs that no longer serve us and start fresh with a new mindset or way of living.
  4. Protection: A beetle’s hard shell protects it from danger. This in its own way symbolizes how we can create boundaries to guard ourselves from negative influences and find a sense of safety within ourselves.
  5. Spiritual Guidance: Some people and folks believe that when a beetle appears, it’s a sign or message from the spiritual world giving you guidance. Seeing a beetle may remind you to look inward, be more mindful, and discover deeper meaning in your experiences.

The Symbolism of Beetle in Different Cultures

Beetles have different symbolic meanings across cultures. In a list below, we represented the most common interpretation from various cultures that were draw from scholars like Dr. Zahi Hawass, Dr. Jamake Highwater, and Dr. Eva Wong, who have studied the cultural significance of beetles extensively.

  • In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was very important. It symbolized rebirth and the cycle of life. The respected Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass explains that the scarab beetle was closely connected to the sun god Ra. It represented the rising sun and the journey of the soul after death.
  • For some Native American tribes, beetles were seen as protective symbols that could help people transform and find their spiritual path. The anthropologist Dr. Jamake Highwater notes that certain tribes viewed beetles as spiritual guides that could assist people in dealing with life’s challenges.
  • In Chinese culture, beetles are considered symbols of good luck and wealth. According to the expert Dr. Eva Wong, beetles are thought to bring fortune and prosperity in Chinese mythology. The shape of a beetle’s body also looks like the Chinese character for “happiness.”
  • In Hindu mythology, the beetle is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth and prosperity. Hindu texts describe Lakshmi emerging from a cosmic ocean while riding on the back of a beetle with a thousand spots.

Beetle Color

Symbolism and spiritual meaning associated with the color of beetles vary across cultures and beliefs. While different cultures ascribe different meanings to the color of beetles, some common associations can be identified.

Color Symbolic Meaning
Black Often seen as a symbol of power, mystery, and protection, black beetles are believed to possess a deep connection with the spirit world. They are associated with transformation and the ability to navigate through the darkness, representing the hidden aspects of life.
Green Green beetles are often associated with growth, fertility, and rebirth. They are seen as a symbol of good luck and abundance. The color green is also connected to the energy of healing and renewal.
Gold Golden or metallic-colored beetles are often associated with wealth, prosperity, and success. They symbolize abundance and the manifestation of desires. The color gold is connected to the divine and represents enlightenment and spiritual growth.
Red Red beetles are commonly associated with passion, love, and vitality. They symbolize energy and power, often representing strong emotions and intense desires. The color red is also linked to courage, strength, and determination.
Blue Blue beetles are often associated with communication, intuition, and spiritual insight. They represent wisdom and truth, symbolizing the power of clear expression and the ability to understand deeper truths.
Purple Purple or violet beetles are often associated with spirituality, psychic abilities, and mystical experiences. They represent the connection between the physical and spiritual realms and are believed to bring spiritual enlightenment and intuition.

Is the Color of Beetles a Good Omen?

beetle symbolism in spiritual beliefs

Some people keep beetles as pets because they believe beetles bring good luck, protection, and spiritual guidance. These people view beetles as positive symbols and good omens. They think that by having beetle pets in their homes, the beetles will bring positive energy into their lives. By taking care of the beetles, they hope it will improve their own wellbeing and invite blessings into their homes. Keeping beetle pets allows them to have a physical connection to the beliefs that beetles can bring good fortune and positive energies.

If They’re Appearing in Your Dreams

If beetles keep appearing in your dreams, they could symbolize various things, such as:

  • Transformation or Change. If beetles keep appearing, it could symbolize personal growth, transformation or a major life change you are going through or will experience.
  • Good Luck. In cultures where beetles are lucky symbols, recurring beetle dreams may be a sign that good fortune or positive opportunities are coming your way.
  • Need for Protection. The hard outer shell of beetles could mean you have a subconscious need for more emotional protection or feeling of security in your waking life.
  • Wealth and Prosperity. Beetle types like ladybugs and scarabs are associated with wealth, so recurring dreams with these could symbolize coming into money or a period of prosperity ahead.
  • Patience and Diligence. Beetles remind us to be diligent and patient, so these recurring dreams may relate to the need for patience and hard work to achieve your current goals.

The common thread is that the frequent appearance of beetles is signaling some shift, need or message from your subconscious mind that connects to the particular symbolic meaning behind the beetle itself.

As Franz Kafka stated, “A beetle is a metamorphosis.” that indicates that dreams featuring beetles may be a sign of impending changes or a call to embrace personal transformation.

If You See a Dead Beetle

spiritual meanings of beetles

If you see a dead beetle in your dream, it is commonly interpreted as a sign of missed opportunities or the end of a particular phase in your life. It may indicate a sense of stagnation or the need to let go of certain beliefs or habits.

Final Thoughts

Overall, beetles hold deep spiritual symbolism that varies across different cultures. They are the powerful spiritual symbols found across the world that represent transformation, reveal hidden aspects of life, and serve as messengers of luck, protection, and profound personal growth. The diverse cultural meanings show how beetles guide people on their spiritual journeys in unique ways.


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